My Birthday Wish Granted by "Quickfire"!

Last month, I saw an announcement on Quickfire's Facebook page inviting the viewers to submit their 10-minute recipes. I immediately thought of one and sent an e-mail to them. I wrote in my letter that I got my cooking skills from my late mom and it would be a privilege to be featured in their show, just in time for my 40th birthday.

My birthday had passed but I did not get any reply from them. One week later, I received a text message from one of the production staff, Ms. Georis Tuca, informing me that my recipe was chosen and I would get a chance to cook with Chef Rosebud Benitez. I was so excited but nervous at the same time for it will be my first time to appear on TV by myself, moreso in a cooking show.

The Quickfire team is so cool and very accommodating. All of them are very easy to work with, especially Direk Ogi, Ms. Georis, Ms. Andi and of course, Chef Rosebud. What you see is what you get - this is how I would describe Chef RB. No pretensions. She was very helpful in making me feel at ease during the taping. Not to mention that she really is one hot chef mom!

Furthermore, I felt very happy to show my pride for my mother's cooking skills. After all, if not for her, I would have not been able to get this opportunity.

Thanks to my mom and to Quickfire!


Unknown said...

Hi Choy,
I also was a guest on Quickfire, and I do agree with you.Chef Rb and the entire crew is very accomodating, from the interview to your house. To the day of taping they make you feel that you are someone special. And Chef Rb well she's just a beautiful person to be with and to cook with. Although I'm nervous Chef Rb let's know everything will be alright. That's why just like you and me many others who guest on Quickfire I think I wouldn't mind doing it again.