Choi Palace... Not Fit for Kings and Queens!

My sister wanted to treat us for lunch and we decided to go to Eastwood Mall (Libis, Quezon City) to find a new restaurant. She preferred to eat Chinese dishes so we went to Choi Palace. It was our first time to eat there and we had high expectations seeing the luxurious ambiance of the establishment.

While we were having a great time chatting, we almost forgot that it’s been 1 hour since we ordered. We also noticed that there were foreigners who came in later than us but got their orders much earlier than ours. There was a sense of discrimination. I thought maybe I should have brought my Chinese boyfriend along with us for them to extend the “special treatment” that they give to foreigners. My 5-year-old niece was already starving so we made the follow-up. It was only then that my brother-in-law was informed that one of our orders was out of stock (something like “lechon”). He didn’t complain any further and just changed that particular order. Then, it took them another 30 minutes to completely serve all our food. So, that was 1 hour and a half of hunger endurance!

Wait, there’s more! While our food was being served one by one, the waiter accidentally spilled the sauce of the shrimp with rice rolls over my brother-in-law! Whew! It’s a good thing that the sauce was not that hot. Otherwise, he would have really lost his cool. The waiter apologized but what was so disappointing (again), was the staff only gave him packets of wet tissue to wipe the mess off. Just imagine how hard it was to clean up just by using those wet tissues.

The only saving grace that time was their food. They are all delicious! I have nothing bad to say about the food quality BUT for the same taste, I can get that in other Chinese restaurants with much more EFFICIENT service and with more AFFORDABLE price.

Your food may be good but if your service sucks, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth!

Choi Palace... Your service is definitely not fit for Kings and Queens!

*Sorry, I wasn't able to take note of the dishes' names due to much hunger and annoyance.


Edwin said...

Hahaha! Kinunan mo pa ng pics ang food. Nakalibre ng Ad tuloy. sana pati yung foreigners, waiter, at ang wet tissue wiping kinunan mo rin, wehehe. I guess I won't be visiting choi's anytime soon..!:-)

Choy's Cuts said...

It's okay to take photos of their food because they're delicious naman. Yung service lang talaga nila ang hindi appetizing. And because of that, we'd rather eat in other upscale Chinese restaurants.